Music Video: “Original Me” by Yungblud

“…I’m the original loser
Some days I wish I was anyone else
(Congratulations) I’m the original loser
Some days I wish I was anyone else…”

“Original Me” by Yungblud

UK based indie singer/songwriter Yungblud partners up with Vevo LIFT to deliver an electric live rendition of his must listen gem, “Original Me”. With this original and in your face musical creation he explores the self in a way that is just so honest and so real that you are sure to connect in an instant. The track soars through the airwaves with a passion and a certain rebellious touch that makes it hypnotizing and so utterly intoxicating that you can’t help but want more and more of it. He has crafted perfection in this amazing punk-rock masterpiece for the modern and old school masses that is personally one of the best tracks of 2019. Listen, see and enjoy this one of a kind adventure through his mind and yours!

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