“Sepia” by Satellite Mode

New York based indie pop band Satellite Mode comes to Wolf in a Suit with the mesmerizing and uniquely magical gem that is “Sepia”. With this impressive and charming soundscape, the band explores the ins and outs of love through melodies and verses that are so real yet so otherworldly. The track takes shape and form and paints a picture that is so vivid and so intoxicating that your senses can’t help but instantly embrace. There’s something about this musical creation that grabs you out of nowhere and gives peace and warmth to your heart and soul. This is an amazing addition to any playlist and I am sure it checks all the boxes to become a fan favorite. Enjoy!

“This song started with a wavy instrumental loop that we transformed into an emotional soundscape through a sense of deep longing. a pile of dream-like memories inspired us, like visual mementos that came flooding in all at once. The words and lyrics were written just as swiftly; all because of these raw emotions drawn out by a synthesizer loop.” – Satellite Mode

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