“Problems” by A R I Z O N A

New Jersey based indie pop band A R I Z O N A opens up their heart and soul and delivers the fantastic musical adventure that is “Problems”. With this incredibly cinematic soundscape they paint a picture that is so catchy, fun, inviting and yet so down to earth and easy to connect with. They embrace the unavoidable truth that we all have to grow up and problems are come and up, but they do so in a way that reminds us that we are not alone in these ups and downs. The track is one of my personal favorites and serves to bring peace to my days as it lets me know that while stress comes knocking on my door at times, it visits all us as and we all have the capacity to be brave and take all the problems head-on. So listen with me and enjoy the melodies, verses and incredibly intoxicating visuals that make this one hell of a refreshing and must have experience. Enjoy!

“We are all constantly experiencing growth, so we are never exactly where we want to be in our lives and that is okay. Even though there is a dark side to this song, making it energetic and bright like we did was a way to celebrate the changes in our lives. We hope that the listeners know they are not alone if they are feeling imperfect, because we all feel that way. We all have problems.” – Zachary of A R I Z O N A

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