“Trouble in my mind” by Hero the Band

Without a doubt, one of the best bands in the indie music scene is Hero the Band and their latest gem, “Trouble in my mind” is sure to show many non-believers the way to great music. The track is powerful and so honest and raw that you can’t help but feel an instant connection as the verses flow one after the other. The track speaks to us all with words and melodies that we can grasp and really embrace as the story that connects with our imagination feels so ours as it is theirs. Not only that but the visuals are fantastic and the video does not miss a moment to make sure the soundscape is felt throughout every single cell in our bodies as the track takes shape and form. The guys ooze cool and their songs show us a side that is very real and human while maintaining the mystique that seems to surround all the great musicians in the history of music. So listen carefully because Hero the Band is here to stay and they’ve got something to say so be ready. Enjoy!

“‘Trouble In My Mind’ is about the power of the imagination. We believe in total wellness of the mind, body and soul; this video offers stories of transformation through acknowledgement of personal challenges and the necessity to overcome.” – Hero the Band

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