“Push my luck” by The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers keep evolving and embracing their own capacity to create melodies and lyrics and “Push my luck” is the latest showcase of their talent. The guys embrace the many aspects of life and deliver soundscapes that are easy to connect with as they don’t take unnecessary twists and turns and simply focus on serving a fine reflection of life. The track is catchy and manages to deliver a unique balance of calming soothing moments and energy-filled magic that makes this soundscape one to dive in and explore. They have crafted something marvelous that you’ll be eager to listen and see as the track takes shape and form. So come with me and let us enter the realm that Alex and Drew have in store as this amazing music video calls out to us. Enjoy!

“We wrote this little tune that just feels super sweet and summery and worked with the amazing ian kirkpatrick to produce it and the song finishes with a really amazing drop that just releases all the momentum the song builds! we hope you enjoy it!” – The Chainsmokers

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