“Jungle” by Somebody’s Child

From Dublin, Ireland comes the uber-talented singer/songwriter Somebody’s Child with the marvelous musical creation that is “Jungle”. With this one of a kind blend of melodies and lyrics, he serves us a fine dose of contemporary indie rock that connects with the hearts and souls of the music lovers around the globe. Plus he goes a step beyond the musical realm and with the assistance of directors, Danilo Zambrano & Alba Fernandez provide us with intoxicating and imaginative visuals that managed to land a powerful blow straight to our hearts and souls. The track comes to us as a wonderful and mesmerizing surprise and ends up becoming without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best tracks of 2019. So come with me and be warned for we are about to explore a soundscape that is sure to speak to us on a level much more human and much rawer than anything else. Enjoy!

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