“…Tell me forever, how can you know?
It doesn’t matter, see as we go
Hope is protection, saving us both
Got good intention and passion, can’t run low
Don’t wanna deal with all sad stuff, keeping it real
Playing pretending when it gets rough
Don’t want us ending
We’re mending, shake it off…”

“Sweettalk my heart” by Tove Lo

Swedish singer/songwriter Tove Lo joins forces with Vevo to deliver the powerful and mesmerizing gem that is “Sweettalk my heart”. With this refreshingly human and emotional track she blends fantasy and reality in a way that the clash is beautiful and mesmerizing to see. The verses play with your imagination and grab you by the heart as it all unfolds to tell a story so real, so raw and so palpable to the touch that your senses believe it and feel it. She has crafted a sweet dose of musical ambrosia that catches you off guard and instantly becomes a fan favorite. The route taken by the simple visuals and simple musical arrangement add a special layer to the track that allows it to personally be more powerful. So listen closely as she hypnotizes you with her voice and her story embracing you softly and warmly as you for the track to unfold into the conclusion of this story. Enjoy!

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