“Life Grows” by The Vices

From the Netherlands come the uber-talented indie rockers from The Vices with their electric and insightful gem that is “Life Grows”. With this very exciting soundscape, they invite us to find a connection with the verses that seem to come from a place of truth and human experience. They remind us that every decision we make in life is personal and while many may have opinions about what we do, all that matters is what we think. The track is a much-needed wake-up call to the current style of living that seems to have taken over all of us for they want less facebook/Instagram junkies and copycats and more original deliveries of the human experience. The track is exhilarating and truly intoxicating for it allows us to be at ease and at home within its blend of melodies and lyrics that are sure to grab you and shake you down. So come with me and let us jump into the car for the adventure that resides within this gem awaits us all. Listen, smile, sing along, be yourself and enjoy the ride!

“They always try to tell you if it’s right or wrong, ain’t there nothing in between?”

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