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“Wise Gal” by Lauren Ruth Ward

Indie rock singer/songwriter Lauren Ruth Ward is already a name that flows like silk from my lips when recommending music and her latest, “Wise Gal”, is a perfect reason as to why. Her voice is rebellious, subtle, charming and has that certain unknown “it” factor about it that makes us shut the hell up and simply listen to what she has to say. This soundscape is crude, real and inspired by her life creating something that in its own unique way manages to connect with all who listen as we have all seen, heard or lived what transpires in this intoxicating realm. The song is utter perfection and any who dare calls himself/herself a music lover will immediately fall prey to this enticing blend of melodies and lyrics. So open up your eyes and dive into her verses as the visual invite you in. Enjoy!

“Years before I came out of the closet as a musician I was just a show going hairstylist to the artists I admired. I look back at those times and remember the attitude I had towards myself which was more than just a lack of confidence. It was a reflection of the men I was dating who drank the patriarchy’s cool-aid combined with the lack of women musicians in my community (I see, I do). This was 2004-2011. Today this experience is overplayed, a bright note. “Wise Gal” is about my realization that young Lauren surrounded herself with all things music to band-aid the thought of not being able to become a musician herself. It took her (us) a long time to listen to the voice that said ”fuck the patriarchy, you are more than capable and you are your own support system!!” Nicol Biesek and Dri Sommer’s satirical approach to binary gender chores combined with my need to emote deep-seeded frustrations on the traumatic concept felt perfectly cathartic. This is one of my favorite music videos.”

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