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“Desert Island Lover” by BAD CHILD

Canadian indie singer/songwriter BAD CHILD has crafted an intoxicating and exhilarating must listen creation with “Desert Island Lover”. The track takes shape and form with incredible ease serving us a fine platter of melodies and verses that immediately manage to paint a picture that connects with us. The track flows with such naturality that there’s no denying that it is sure to become an instant fan favorite. His voice is rebellious, fun and honest in its own unique way as it does not speak of love but of the dark side that can at times come with it. He shines through the speakers and the screen and the track is personally an immediate hit. So listen carefully, have fun and enjoy the adventure that awaits in this one of a kind soundscape.

“The track (and the album) are sort of an anti-romance. I’m trying to tap into the idea of how we’ve become so focused on personal gain that we’ve become dishonest with others and ourselves. ‘Desert Island Lover’ is about that jealously and how that can trap people — It can be debilitating. It’s about becoming comfortable in your situation and not realizing how bad it is. To me it was about a string of dishonest relationships I had that fucked me up pretty good.”


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