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“Touch” by Alex McArtor

Uber-talented 17-year-old singer/songwriter Alex McArtor comes to us with the intoxicating gem that is “Touch”. With the honest and captivating musical creation, the young artist has managed to craft something so real, so human and so raw that it definitely will capture your attention. The song is powerful and so refreshingly unique that you can’t help but receive this magic with open arms and realize that you listening to one of the best songs of the year. Alex has all the necessary ingredients to become one of the brightest stars in the Parthenon of music as her lyrics are mature and insightful, her voice is haunting yet soothing and her melodies in your face yet welcoming. She has managed to find a sweet spot in which her soundscapes can take shape and form allowing music lovers around the globe to feel at home. So listen, see and enjoy the magic of this one of a kind must listen musical creation.

“‘Touch’ is about being alone in your own head and in a big city. It’s a deeply personal song filled with angst and self-reflection. I wanted to create a video that conveyed those things in an edgy, urban environment like Brooklyn & NYC.” 

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