“Feeling blessed, never stressed

Got that sunshine on my Sunday best

Feeling good, like I should”

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“Sunday Best” by Surfaces

Indie pop/rock band Surfaces comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the inspiring and positive gem that is “Sunday Best”. With the melodic and visual adventure that takes place in this music video we can instantly embrace the lyrics and meaning behind them. The track pulls you softly and makes you feel at ease as it all takes shape and form creating a soundscape bound to get you excited. You dive into it with open arms and come out happier than ever for that is charm and the magic that lies in this one of a kind song. The guys have done music right by crafting something that steps away from the current trends and really connect with the listeners. It has never been easier to become a fan of a new band than with the talented guys from Surfaces. So listen carefully, open your eyes, dance a little bit and have the time of your life. Enjoy!

“We want people to feel the way we did when we created and crafted these songs,” shares Colin. “I’ve had experiences with anxiety and depression in my own life. Every time I write and song and reminisce, it makes me feel better about myself. We want to communicate that so the listener can channel those same emotions.”

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