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“Be my baby” by Myylo

Indie pop singer/songwriter Myylo takes us on an adventure through melodic routes and romantic views with his must listen musical creation, “Be my baby”. With this playfully seductive soundscape we get a personal guide into the Myylo’s heart and while we are in it we can feel a one of a kind warmth. The track is refreshing and open to all for it tells a story from his point of view allowing everyone to be able to glimpse at a gentle reflection of their own love stories. There’s something so human, so real and so uniquely magical about this track that you are sure to make it a personal favorite in an instant. So listen closely, open your eyes and enjoy this wonderful must listen gem.

“…You ain’t got to say no prayers
Cause I ain’t gonna go nowhere
I’m the one who’s gonna be right here
Just be my baby…”

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