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“I should have known” by Jovani ft. Jazzu

Lithuanian artists Jonas Nainys aka Jovani and Jazzu join forces to deliver the mesmerizing musical gem that is “I should have known”.  With this visually intoxicating musical creation the talented pair deliver a soundscape that is utterly mesmerizing and captivating. We are honestly, pulled in an instant to the world that dwells within it as the lyrics paint a picture and tell a story that we can easily embrace and feel as ours. We are bound to find the connections as it all unfold perfectly in front of us and the track becomes one with what our hearts and souls desire. So jump into the melodies and lyrics and allow yourself to be hypnotized by this amazing must listen gem of indie pop/EDM.

“… When I met you

You were seeing someone else

but you told me

It was nothing serious …”

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