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“Have you had enough wine? by JC Stewart

UK based indie singer/songwriter JC Stewart opens up his heart and soul and gives us the bittersweet tale of “Have you had enough wine?”. With this heart-wrenching soundscape, we get an honest view from the outside into the final moments of a relationship that is quickly coming to its end. The lyrics and melodies exude the pain of knowing that things are over and accepting the fault not only on the other side but on your end. With mature and inspired lyricism the young artist captures our hearts in an instant and with the addition of the visuals, all our senses are invested and pulled into the world that lies within this musical gem. You may shed a tear, fell your chest tighten but it’s all part of the magic and bittersweet beauty of this amazing piece of music gold. So listen, see and enjoy the ride as you fall deeper and deeper down this rabbit hole.

“Have you had enough wine? “Have I ruined your life? I didn’t mean to…”

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