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“Foreign Language” by Caleb Kopta

Indie singer/songwriter Caleb Kopta comes to Wolf in a Suit with a sweet electric dose of melodies and lyrics with his latest, “Foreign Language”. The uber-talented artist has personally crafted something so mesmerizing and so relatable for the contemporary masses that you are bound to instantly connect with it. The track is so well written that the verses instantly grab you and pull you into the soundscape of this gem allowing you to fall deeper and deeper down this rabbit hole. Within this world we see a reflection of our current world runs when it comes to relationships as we have all fallen victims to the need for instant gratification, attention, and acceptance from others while still wanting to find something real and honest. The track understands the quest but accepts that it has become harder and harder to find this unicorn that is the truth as we have all taken a liking to the easy way out and our attachments with our electronics. People create their languages as they go through this new contemporary way of life making harder and harder to really understand each other and have a conversation that has some sort of meaning. So be hypnotized by the electric visuals and let Caleb’s voice guide you through as you are served a perfect dose of music gold. Enjoy!

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