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“Messed it up” by Alexandria Maillot

Canadia indie singer/songwriter/musical goddess Alexandria Maillot comes to us with the must listen musical gem that is “Messed it up”. With this mesmerizingly surreal and unique soundscape, she blends pop and rock in a way that is not only entertaining but filled with deep and honest lyricism. There’s something so special, so charming and so real about it all that you can’t help but feel your heart tighten a little bit as the track unfolds. Not only is it a sonic gem, but the visuals manage to perfectly complement the passionate magic of the melodies in a way that keeps us excited and invested in the realization of this soundscape. It honestly is one of the best track I’ve heard so hard and there’s something about her voice that not only charms your senses but speaks to your heart and soul. Enjoy!

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