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“Help you now” by Alae

From New Zealand comes one of my favorite bands with their latest musical gem, say hello to Alae and the haunting magic of “Help you now”. The band takes a visual and melodic route in this latest track that is is just astoundingly mesmerizing and refreshing for they genuinely go hand in hand. There’s a unique touch to the lyrics, the melodies and the way the visuals portray the story that lies within this song that will hook you and pull you into their world. You won’t want to get out once you are in and the experience that is had will become one that you’ll never forget. Honestly, just come on in and let us enjoy on the sweet ambrosia of the music and magic of Alae.

[su_quote cite=”Alex Farrell-Davey of Alae”]’Help You Now’ is about facing your fears. It’s about talking about what it is that’s hurting you, what it is that’s scaring you and allowing people to help. The lyrics are an attempt to normalize the process of opening up to others.[/su_quote]

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