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“What More can I do? by Jack Savoretti

UK based singer/songwriter Jack Savoretti is already a personal favorite and with his track, “What More can I do?” he is sure to become your favorite as well. With his romantically charged lyrics, he allows his voice to embrace the feelings and emotions of this love story and really pull us in. The soundscape has that perfect blend of classic and contemporary that makes it everlasting as it does not matter whether you are young, old or in between but your heart will beat a little faster as you listen to it. The magic of this finely crafted musical creation brings a much-needed surreality to the mundane nature of our daily lives and allows us to reconnect with what dwells within us. There’s something so real, so honest that you can almost touch it and live it as the song comes from a place that we have visited. So listen closely, give that special someone a wicked smile and throw those eyes into the mix and simply dance the night with this gem playing in the background. Enjoy!

’What More Can I Do’ is the song I’ve always wanted to write,” says Jack. “In the past I have worn my heart on my sleeve with my lyrics but this is the first time I’ve allowed the melody to do so.”

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