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“American Psycho” by Georgi Kay

Indie singer/songwriter Georgi Kay sets the music scene on fire with her latest visual/sonic creation in the shape and form of “American Psycho”. The soundscape is completely mesmerizing and in its own unique way so playful and inviting that you just want more. Then you add the surreal and out of this world aesthetics of the visual and you’ve got yourself something special and eternal. There’s no denying that as she explores the themes of being a follower and obsessing over someone she finds a twisted route that is much more exciting than what is considered the rule. So dive into this unknown world and embrace the melodies, the lyrics and the visuals as the store finds a way to give you a reflection of something seen, lived and known. Enjoy!

“At least once in our lives, we have all stumbled on that one person who stands out from the crowd, that instantly grasps our attention – and we find ourselves succumbing to feelings of intense lust and desire for them.
However, whilst these individuals we admire exude all the incredibly unrealistic qualities we crave and yearn for, beneath the surface their true colours tend to emit a malicious and manipulative tone.”

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