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“On the Run” by Sam Wilde

UK based indie singer/songwriter Sam Wilde comes to Wolf in a Suit with his latest musical creation, “On the Run”.  He brings a perfectly balanced blend of insightful and honest lyrics, rebellious rock melodies with just the right touch of grunge and punk and a voice to bring it all together. He shines through the electric and mesmerizing feel of the soundscape providing us with a necessary dose of indie rock and life-changing advice. While this track is personal, it also has a certain universal charm that serves for everyone to feel understood and motivated. So come with me and let us jump into the world he has created in his music. Enjoy!

“‘On the Run’ is really about the struggle of overthinking situations”, Sam explains. “It’s better to face your fears head on rather than run away, especially when those fears may have only been made worse in your own head. The idea came from a conversation I had with a close friend; he was worrying about a lot of things and asked for my advice. I wanted to sum up how I thought he felt in the verses, and the chorus is, in a way, my advice to him”.

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