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“Quietest Friend” by Pedro The Lion

Indie rock band Pedro the Lion come to us with a mesmerizingly honest and soothing yet electric gem in “Quietest Friend”. With this track, the band open up the floor for a discussion that invites us to look within and from this exploration accept our mistakes and grow. The lyrics speak true words that been felt or acted upon, but it is not about criticizing but instead about understanding and taking a step forward instead of the many that we all take backward. They speak words through melodies allowing the soundscape to land within our hearts, our souls, our memories instantly. Through that unique feature, we are instantly hooked and the child within us speaks to the adult hoping to understand the reason why behind all the many missteps and wrongdoings. So close your eyes, listen carefully, shed a tear or two and let this gem surround you. Enjoy!

“Staving off rejection, which always hurt like hell
I took the devil’s bargain, made a stranger of myself
If anything was wrong, I couldn’t tell
So I didn’t see it coming but now it’s pretty clear
I traded my own wisdom for a jury of my peers
I ignored you for thirty years”

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