Los Angeles based indie folk-pop band Faultlines bring to us one of the most amazing and beautiful track-music video combos I’ve ever seen/heard. The talented trio invites us to remember what’s important and to see that while we may have different opinions and views, in the end, we are all brothers and sisters in this big wide world. “Love is all we own” is an inspiring and honest musical creation that sets up a soundscape filled with warmth, charm and an inclusivity that should be found everywhere. The music video shows different people from different backgrounds singing along and signing along with the track making everyone feel included in this adventure called life. So come with me and let us dance, let us smile, let us learn some amazing words in ASL (America Sign Language) and above all, let’s enjoy this must listen track.

[su_quote cite=”John Flanagan/ Faultlines”]Our original idea was to make a simple lyric video, but there is an incredible girl, Libby, that comes to every one of our concerts and signs along to our songs,” said vocalist Ashley Morgan. “We thought it would be a beautiful concept to bring a diverse group of people together and have her teach everyone ASL. In a world where people are being torn down because of their differences, we choose to celebrate and recognize that we are all stronger because of our diversity. No matter your race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, whether you are blind or deaf, Love is all we own. It is important, above all, that we come together and remember this. We’re really excited for the opportunity to bring the message our music to everyone, even those that cannot hear it. This song is for everyone.[/su_quote]

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