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“Just Slide” by Harry Hudson ft. Jaden Smith

LA-based indie singer/songwriter Harry Hudson joins forces with Jaden Smith and together they deliver the honest and haunting gem that is “Just Slide”. The talented pair explores the ins and outs of love and what it is to brave when it comes to showing the emotions that pertain to this amazing feeling. They understand that at times we look from far away waiting for something to just happen or maybe we are standing next to that person being a confidant or a friend in hopes that maybe we can be more than that. But staying quiet and not saying a damn thing will not lead to exploring the “what if” scenario, it will all just stay a fantasy because to turn reality it needs a little kick and that is up to you. So explore the inspiring and truthful beauty and down to earth feel of this amazing soundscape and maybe push yourself to … just slide. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Harry Hudson”]I wrote this song specifically for my ex knowing she still has feelings for me. But it’s really a song to let people know that if they truly feel something about someone just slide through and let them know. Life is too short to sit and wonder ‘what if’.’ The collaboration came about naturally. I played the track for Jaden at The Mercer in New York, and he recorded his verse in the hotel room on spot. Luckily Mike Dean and Jess Jackson were staying next door and helped us finish the record. I love organic shit.[/su_quote]

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