New Music Alert: “Slip Away” by Marlene Oak

“Slip Away” by Marlene Oak

From Sweden comes the talented and enigmatic singer/songwriter Marlene Oak and her latest single, “Slip Away”. With this refreshing blend of old-school melodies and contemporary vocals and lyrics, we are taken into a hideaway where we can be free and be ourselves for a bit. During the 4 minutes (and a few seconds) that the song runs, we are part of a soundscape that lets us break away from the daily and typical routines that at times settle in our lives. The lyrics, the melodies, and her voice are golden and so honest and beautiful that you can’t help but fall for it all. Enjoy!

It’s about a hideaway and a break from the day-to-day routines that we all get stuck in. I wanted to capture that feeling of floating and swaying away, to just be able to let go for a moment and simply… slip away.Marlene Oak

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