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“Let’s fall in love for the night” by FINNEAS

Oh man oh man, FINNEAS is back once more after just a week from being here and this time he comes with “Let’s fall in love for the night”. The talented young singer/songwriter is bringing something refreshing, amazing and hands down memorable with his personal brand of showmanship and melodies. He has created another story for us to fall in love for, and not for one night only, but for forever as I am sure he is here to stay. This track caresses a duality that is strange to find, yet so hypnotizing as this gem is both soothing and sexy while ensuring a connection with us, the listeners, from the very first second. As you press play you are pulled to the streets of the city as someone walks towards you and you know that for that moment you have entered the realms of the highest form of love and desire. It’s a soundscape that grabs you, pulls you, moves you and just becomes one with your heart, your soul and your happy dancing feet. Enjoy!





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