New Music Alert: “Go away green” by Psychic Love

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New Music Alert: "Go away green" by Psychic Love via Wolf in a Suit

New Music Alert: "Go away green" by Psychic Love via Wolf in a Suit

“Go away green” by Psychic Love

Los Angeles based indie band Psychic Love delivers a melodically mesmerizing and inviting soundscape with their latest, “Go Away Green”. The track carries lyrics that once you really pay attention to them, you see a gentle reflection of who you are and what you go through as well. It is a refreshing route that they take and serves to provide the listeners with a reminder that they are understood and heard. The questions and views we have are at times shared and it is a relief to hear someone go through what you go through for it means you are not alone and together you can push on. Take away the shades of “Go away green” and look at the entirety of what surrounds you. Enjoy!

I was inspired by ‘Go Away Green’, which is actually the name of a shade of paint they use at Disneyland to cover up things they don’t want you to notice. They use it on fire hydrants, and talent entrances, and electrical boxes, and it’s just so innocuous that your eyes pass right over it. This is a song about the things and people hiding in plain sight. I often feel like I’m looking out from inside a body – a body, a face, a look, that is telling the world one thing, but inside I’m just you and you are me.Laura Peters of Psychic Love

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