“Silver Rabbit” by Paul Smith

Paul Smith, the electric lead singer of Maximo Park is back with some solo work and it is just the closest you’ll get to hearing perfection. He exudes a passion and connection with his lyrics that is unlike anything heard for he truly grasps each and every verse and adds a certain charm to them. The song flows in a magical yet down to earth manner that pulls us in without any questions and simply reminds us all of the power of music. “Silver Rabbit” is a gateway drug into the sheer excellence of his upcoming album, ‘Diagrams’. Paul gets more personal in this work as it is a reflection of his own stories, experiences and so much more that in a way we get to know him a little better. Allow yourself some freedom and dive into his soundscape for it is waiting for us to simply embrace it and let it pour into us. Enjoy!

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[su_quote cite=”Paul Smith”]It’s a punchy song where the self-doubt and regret in the lyrics is mirrored by the musical tension that develops as it goes along. I grew up in the grunge era, so this has echoes of that sound but with my own romantic view of everyday life.[/su_quote]

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