Music Video Recommendation: “I told you so” by Little Quirks

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Music Video Recommendation: "I told you so" by Little Quirks via Wolf in a Suit

Music Video Recommendation: "I told you so" by Little Quirks via Wolf in a Suit

Little Quirks

Abbey, Jaymi, and Mia aka Little Quirks continue on their path to greatness as they deliver their music video for their gem “I told you so”. The talented trio does not seize to amaze as they showcase a growth and maturity that seems beyond their years, but to them, it comes so naturally. The track is so honest and so human that it immediately captures your attention and leaves you in awe as each second passes by while a story is told through the magic and beauty of this soundscape. They stay true to the roots of Americana/Bluegrass while allowing it to adapt to who they are as it evolves into a folk/pop sound that is refreshingly endearing and in touch with the hearts of the listeners. They truly are one of the most amazing bands out there and even though Australia is one of the biggest countries in the world it may end up too small to hold their talent for themselves. Enjoy!

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