Listen: “Dance with Me” by Margot Polo

“Dance with Me” by Margot Polo

Indie pop singer/songwriter Margot Polo invites us to the dance floor with his latest must listen gem “Dance with Me”. The uber-talented artist allows our bodies to let loose a little bit and live and dance as he sets his soundscape in motion. The track is one that oozes confidence, romance and so much more that simply put you are easily hooked by it. David gives music a much needed inviting feel that is reminiscent of the early sounds of Justin Timberlake, Miike Snow and even the late great, Michael Jackson. So smile, have fun and enter into the dancefloor of this soundscape. Enjoy!

I remember thinking whoa, this is a really cute girl,” he recalls. “I was totally thrown off my game. I was so awkward; I didn’t even ask for her number. I sometimes wonder what it would have been like if I had been more confident in that moment, what would it be like to be one of those guys who can just walk up to a girl and say ‘Fuck it, I like you. Let’s make something happen!’ The song is me rewriting that night from that guy’s perspective.David Provenzano AKA Margot Polo

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