“Wish I knew you” by Johnny Gates

Indie singer/songwriter Johnny Gates puts his heart out for all to see and within we catch a glimpse of real emotions and passionate storytelling. “Wish I knew you” is a refreshing take on the love song, as it speaks from wishful thinking and knowing that it can’t happen. Even though it is bittersweet in its lyrical approach, it still manages to feel strangely sweet for it comes from inside and bases itself on something beyond the grasp of simplicity and rules. Honestly, the song balances melodies and verses in a way that makes this soundscape one that pulls us in and really connects the dots so that the story unfolds. Without a doubt a must listen track, enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Johnny Gates”]WISH I KNEW YOU was one of the first songs I wrote for the EP. At the time, I was in a situation where I was into a certain girl but wasn’t able to say anything because she was with someone else. I would see the way she looked at him, and I just kind of pictured it being me and knowing the real her. I think we can all agree that being a third wheel sucks.[/su_quote]

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