New Music Alert: “Absence” by Dyan

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New Music Alert: "Absence" by Dyan via Wolf in a Suit

New Music Alert: "Absence" by Dyan via Wolf in a Suit

“Absence” by Dyan

Indie pop band Dyan deliver a soothing, dreamy and ethereal soundscape with their latest creation “Absence”. They speak in a manner that makes us not judged by our decisions, but understood instead. They clearly understand that we are all human and at times choose to let go or to hold on to things even when we know we are wrong. But there lies the beauty as it is in our hands to change or accept what we brought upon ourselves, they see us for what we are and know that judgment does not always bring results. The let us know to be strong and if we make a decision to be ready for the consequences of it. So enter their soundscape for I am sure you’ll see a reflection of your self and your soul and you’ll feel at ease and at home. Enjoy!

Absence is about leaving, but not before inquiring about doubt. It could be about being in love with a person whose loyalty is to someone or something else, realizing it, and then you move on. Or holding on to what you want to hold on to, even if it’s painful. But maybe you’re the person so sure of their belief in an idea, and you feel that splinter or crumble. There is freedom in finding the idea we have of ourselves has altered: I loved this person/thing, and now I may not; I was this person, and now I am not. My changing is not a tragedy. I just have to be ready, to be sure, and then to name it.Alexis Marsh, Dyan

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