Listen: “Periphery” by CARDS

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Listen: "Periphery" by CARDS via Wolf in a Suit

Listen: "Periphery" by CARDS via Wolf in a Suit

“Periphery” by CARDS

CARDS does it once more and give us a modern day summer anthem that caresses magic, beauty and a certain simplicity that is mesmerizing. “Periphery” is a playful and uninhibited musical creation that manages to embrace the summer vibe beautifully and from there lets into a soundscape worth exploring. The track blends certain old-school melodies with modern day ones creating a uniquely fun experience for listeners. It does not push anyone away as it feels relatable for us all no matter the gender, the age, and anything else we use to separate ourselves into groups. He has given a song made to be a special cherry on top for this summer of 2018. Enjoy!

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