[su_quote cite=”Ruslan, Saint Nomad”]The legend of an ancient city of gold – El Dorado – was the inspiration behind the song. I often pursue things in life as if possessed by them, and when I arrive at that “thing”, the new level of happiness lasts for a season and I’m right back to the pursuit. I never arrive; it’s as if I’m chasing a legend, a myth. The remedy is to live in the present, in the now, because that’s all we really get. That concept ties the whole album – Memento Mori.[/su_quote]

Saint Nomad

Indie rock band Saint Nomad make their first arrival to Wolf in a Suit and I can already assure it won’t be the last one. Their latest track “El Dorado” is taken up from their upcoming album ‘Memento Mori’ and it personally is already a personal favorite. The track blends pop, rock and a bit of electronica to create a soundscape that is refreshing, infectious and unlike anything else. It immediately becomes a force of nature worthy of awe and of course to be heard over and over again. This talented ensemble have the drive, the passion and the talent to really turn heads and make waves as they begin their journey to conquer the music scene. Enjoy!

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