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“Wishing you away” by HOLYCHILD

HOLYCHILD are back with some brand new music and it is truly a must for any fan, music lover, and humanity in general. “Wishing you away” continues on their unique brand of melodies that are exquisitely enhanced by mature and honest yet playful lyrics. The talented pair explores a much more real and bittersweet world and from this, they create a soundscape that though fun, it also houses something deeper and refreshing. In their own unique way they have given us a song bound to be everlasting and that could lead the way to something amazing from them on 2018. So allow yourself to be free and simply dive into the melodies, the verses and the emotions of this musical gem. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Liz Nistico, HOLYCHILD”]This song is about everything I was too scared to say in the past.[/su_quote]





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