Mondo Cozmo

Mondo Cozmo serves us a fine platter filled with melodies and lyrics with his brand new ‘Your motherfucker’ EP. He blends old school sounds with a modern lyrical approach and every once in a while adds splashes of contemporary melodies along to give the EP a special kick. He continues to amaze and awe all who are able to listen to his sound for he showcases a fire that is blinding and refreshing to find. He caresses the edges of indie and commercial ensuring the creation of soundscapes bound to be everlasting and perfect homes for the young and the old, the male and the female and simply for us all.

In this post, you are able to see a glimpse of the extent of his talent as we can find two songs with unique and refreshing sounds but so different from each other in “Your Motherfucker” (Title track of the EP) and “Tonight Tonight”. They both tell stories that we can relate and speak from the heart, the soul and what has been lived by this talented musical monster. enjoy!

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