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“Time is your gun” by Fil Bo Riva

German indie rocker Fil Bo Riva gives us musical perfection with his latest single “Time us your gun”. The track is bound to fill you up with a certain passion and fire that will burn bright for all of the time. He caresses a balance between the old and the new and between the electric and the soothing with his unique brand of music that is refreshing to find nowadays. Plus the track allows well-crafted melodies to become the home of lyrics that speak to the listeners with an ease that is out of this world and make us feel heard and understood. He speaks from the heart and speaks words that echo true and direct for this song is without a doubt a modern masterpiece. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Fil Bo Riva”]Time Is Your Gun is a song that somehow became a bridge between the EP and the upcoming debut album. I wrote the lyrics sometime after the EP was recorded and those lyrics felt like the last lines I had to write about the person most of the EP songs were written for. During the same time, I just had met Felix and one day we found ourselves jamming in the rehearsal room… somehow after a few hours we had this song done without knowing we were writing one. I don’t wanna sound too romantic, but I remember that the first chords we ever played were these ones. The words kept developing around the music and soon after we started playing the song live. Until today, we usually open our concerts with this track – the energy we get from it is unique.[/su_quote]

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