“Something you can do” by Margaux Avril

French indie singer/songwriter Margaux Avril delivers a unique duality with her latest single “Something you can do” and it is intoxicating. She sets melodies in motion that makes your body want to let go of all rules known to mankind while caressing our hearts and souls through her lyrics. She makes us feel understood and at ease and the verses remind us all that we are not alone and there’s someone willing to listen. Our secrets at times bind us as they carry good and bad, but sharing them with someone true can make us feel at ease. The song does not fantasize about impossibilities but sees the reality that makes us who we are. Margaux has created a masterpiece of modern pop and it is simply a must for any music lover. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Margaux Avril”]‘Something You Can Do’ is about opening to someone about things you’ve kept secret. What you’ve been through, your feelings, your wonderings, your hurting too… This song is a gentle reminder that everyone goes through things we might not imagine at all, and that sometimes it doesn’t take much to be there for someone that might need you. Even if it’s not that simple, there’s always something you can do. Still, it has this ambiguity between darkness and light, hurting and hope, still written with my melancholy but uptempo this time![/su_quote]

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