[su_quote cite=”Christine, Christine and the Queens”]It’s a crisis song that I wrote late one night. This song is a cathedral, with a rhythm as unalterable as white stone. The bass line, I remember playing it for hours, as if to rock myself.[/su_quote]

Christine and the Queens

Christine and the Queens deliver a masterful and mesmerizing second single from the upcoming second album ‘Chris’. “Doesn’t Matter” showcases the inner struggles and realizations of faith, love, and life itself. The song is truthfully perfect in every aspect as it sets an inviting and pleasantly electrifying melody in motion while housing lyrics that embrace our human nature with incredible ease. She allows her voice to dance through each note and each word connecting them all and making them one, making a song that is haunting and hypnotizing from beginning to end. Plus the visuals are just astounding and manage to add an extra layer to what the soundscape creates. Truly a song to enjoy over and over again!

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