“Spend the night” by Active Bird Community

Indie rock band Active Bird Community not only have an interesting name, but they have talent to spare and that is clear with their track “Spend the night”. The talented ensemble explores the ins and outs of relationships and asks what is best to do when it feels slipping away. Of course the guys understand that it is easy to say solutions than to act on them, but they still want to know and that is exactly what we want to do as well. Through a soundscape that is perfectly indie rock we are able to traverse each moment as it all starts falling away. We caress the bittersweet taste of those last kisses and wonder if we want to fight or run away. In the end, it’s a personal decision but it does feel nice to be understood. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Tom D’Agustino, Active Bird Community”]’Spend The Night’ poses a question to the listener about relationships, mainly how to navigate them when you feel them slipping away. Is it better to stay in a place that isn’t working anymore for the sake of the relationship, or is it okay to move on?[/su_quote]

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