“Medicinal” by Miles Hardt

Indie singer/songwriter Miles Hardt takes a different route and explores something different from most on his latest track “Medicinal”. He takes personal experiences and the pain felt from them to create an empowering and inspiring must listen track. He does not shy away from the harsh truth and instead of sugar coating it, he finds a way to connect it and tell a story that feels so close and so real. Without a doubt, he is bringing a more human touch to the pop scene and that is refreshing and welcomed to find nowadays. This song is further reason to be excited for his talent, his passion and the capacity of his voice to pull us into each of his soundscapes. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Miles Hardt”]’Medicinal’ is the most vulnerable song I’ve ever written. This song is about my battles with avoiding self medication and those of the men in my family. The day after my uncle Nicky died from substance abuse I sat down on my kitchen floor and wrote this. I think it’s human tendency to run from, bury or numb feelings of pain. With this music project and title track, I confronted those tendencies and one of the most powerful songs came to the surface. Not one drop of liquor hit my lips. No smoke filled my lungs. Somehow though I felt okay. I felt like I was healing. My hope is it can be the same space for my listeners.[/su_quote]

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