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Georgia Greene

Geogia Greene is a breath of fresh air and with the added bonus of the visuals her song “Lonely for you” takes a step further into greatness. She knows how to take control of not only the melodies but the setting created in the video and we can fully feel her loneliness. Without a doubt, we are in front of an artist whose name is bound to light up the skies and her verses will connect with us all. Through a seemingly effortless approach, she allows her passion and her emotions to transcend the limits of the paper in which the song was written and really make us feel understood. Enter her magical and human soundscape and allow your heart and soul to be caress by something bittersweet yet beautiful. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Wolf in a Suit” url=”https://www.wolfinasuit.com/2018/05/23/listen-lonely-for-you-georgia-greene/”]She dives deep into each verse and as she does that she pulls us in without hesitation and we connect with the stories that dwell here. It’s clear and easy to understand that sadly at times being in a relationship does not deter the possibility of being lonely for at times this is when you are the most alone. You feel out of place and out of sync with who you are as you try to find a way back to where you once were as a pair. It’s a sad tale, but human nonetheless and that’s where the beauty and the magic lies.[/su_quote]

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