“Upon The Shoulders” by Kitchenette

The Netherlands based indie rock band Kitchenette delivers a track that could easily become an anthem for the modern young masses with “Upon the Shoulders”. They speak of the wants, the needs and the wishes that we all have felt too far. The song is pleasant to the ears and yet so empowering to the soul as it does not shy away from the reality of things. They manage to really grab a hold of how things feel nowadays and speak to us through a reflection of our ups and downs in life. It allows us to feel free, careless and reminds us of the endless possibilities while also remembering that there are barriers along the way. So feel hopeful, happy and move forward for there are so many things waiting for you. Enjoy!

“…We are the chosen rejects

Repress your smile, coz we’ve got things to say

The politicians just don’t get it

Get your lies straight, it’s getting late…”

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