[su_quote cite=”Craig Paddock”]We chose to make the music video pretty fun, and it was a great excuse to have a food fight. We also wanted the video to present a realistic relationship where there’s competition and tension in the midst of passion and romance. We also wanted to present all of the scenes of the couple as a series of memories I’m having while singing the song at the beach, again not answering the question of whether or not the couple gets back together.[/su_quote]

Craig Paddock

Talented indie singer/songwriter Craig Paddock speaks to us about love and the ups and downs that come with it in his must listen gem “Old and Grey”. He understands that wanting to grow old with someone means really putting all you’ve got on the line and really showing the full extent of who you are. He speaks to us in a clear and upfront manner that really feels inviting and refreshing to find in the music scene of today. His soundscape feels classic yet also delivers the right amount of contemporary melodies and verses that could make it an instant classic. So enter the world the visuals and melodies have created and really fall in love once again. Enjoy!

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