“Me without you” by morgxn

The uber-talented morgxn delivers a magical and touching must listen single with “Me without you” and I am simply blown away. The track speaks to me personally for I had a loss of two people who always were home and now they are gone. I understand the feelings he showcases and for that, I embrace each and every verse and feel thankful to him. He expressed through words and melodies what was going on inside me and probably inside many who have lost someone important and irreplaceable in their lives. It is a song that fills you up with memories, emotions and personally hope and joy for I know that someway or another those two persons will live on with me as his dad is always with him. So enter this amazing soundscape and just enjoy one hell of a song.

[su_quote cite=”morgxn”]It is a song about loving someone so much and not knowing what to do when they’re gone. it’s a song about searching for home when that person is ‘home’ and without them, you don’t know home anymore. and ultimately, it is a song about recognizing and saying “I love you” before it is too late to say it anymore. I wrote it for my father. [/su_quote]

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