Esbie Fonte

Indie singer/songwriter Esbie Fonte paints us a picture of tragic dreams, broken hearts and the swift kick of real life once you truly enter inside it. “Ace’s High” is a marvelous and honest exploration of life and the ups and downs that come with it. While the track may feel a bit fatalist at times, in reality, I believe it embraces our experiences and reminds us that there are other’s battling it out in the world. It pushes us not to give up, but to stand taller and stronger than before because dreams are not turned into reality by week foundations. So enter her marvel of a world made up of music and visuals. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Esbie Fonte”]Ace’s High and I’m so low getting by on tomorrow. She left town now she’s falling down getting high on fake dreams and real sorrows. So fade tonight, and I am compromised, I am surrounded by those of you who drop like flies and I, (I didn’t even know)*2 those of you who will go, fools.[/su_quote]

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