Canadian born/France based singer/songwriter Goldilox gives us a sensually bittersweet masterpiece of anger, lust and just the right dose of vengeance with “Touch you where it hurts”. The indie-pop artist explores the ins and outs of troubled relationships and embraces her inner diva in a way that is exhilarating and mesmerizing. She dances with a balance of grace and animalistic magnetism through each moment making the visuals and the sounds become one. The soundscape grabs a hold of us in a heartbeat and we are putty in her hands as she seeks to find where it hurts the most. We are thrilled, hypnotized and simply in awe, as we clearly see that she is not one to mess around and I for one would not want to be part of her black list. So enter her realm of peace, tranquility and passionate explosions of emotions and just enjoy the ride.

[su_quote cite=”Goldilox”]Palm trees and emotionally troubled relationship between myself and husband (Gimmi Bottino). In creating the video I wanted to unravel the story showing strong images that move quickly from thrilling to beautiful and from peaceful to explosive. I wanted to be one of those lead female characters in a 90s movie. Someone to fall in love with and fear at the same time.[/su_quote]

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