“Never Look Back” by BamBoo

Canadian indie rock band BamBoo is back at Wolf in a Suit once again and this time around they bring with them the gift of “Never look back”. The guys explore the adventures that appear in front of us as life goes on and understand that at times the need to look back into what has been done is latent. It speaks to our hearts and souls and understands that sadly the human existence is at times selfish and things are not as valuable in front of us as they’ll be once they are gone and no longer in front. It serves as a reminder to pay attention to the little things and to smile at them for there’s value in everything. Personally, it feels like a swift kick in the rear to make you look and be thankful for all you have before its too late and its all gone. So enter their soundscape and allow yourself to let go and really listen. Enjoy!

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