“Santiago” by Sam Setton

Indie singer/songwriter Sam Setton opens up his heart and soul and allows us to dive deep into a story that is so personal to him with “Santiago”. He takes the full extent of a reality that is his and finds a way to invite us in and truly connects with us as well. The soundscape created is a unique and refreshing brand of pop that feels more in touch with the human side and less with the fantasies and nonsense. The track is an amazing ode to distance and how it can inspire and at the same time hurt when it comes to love or something close to it. He manages to add something extra special with the track as you can hear the actual voicemails of the person that inspired him. So dive into his marvel of a world and enjoy this must listen track.

[su_quote cite=”Sam Setton”]Santiago’ is the most meaningful song I’ve ever written— it’s actually a song 6 years in the making. It’s the story of an ongoing relationship I have with a girl I met while visiting family in Santiago, Chile, 6 years ago.[/su_quote]

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