Listen: “Never come back” by Amy Guess

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Listen: "Never come back" by Amy Guess via Wolf in a Suit

Listen: "Never come back" by Amy Guess via Wolf in a Suit

“Never come back” by Amy Guess

Indie singer/songwriter Amy Guess delivers an electric and haunting pop/rock modern day masterpiece with “Never Come Back”. She allows her voice to flow with ease through the melodies really grasping the story behind the track. She does not fall into the typical songs about love but instead takes the route of joy due to ending a relationship that was painful and hurtful to live. The song is empowering and filled with a passionate and ruthless view in regards to never falling for the same mistake twice. She allows each sentence to embrace the next one and from there we find ourselves really rooting for her as we connect with her soundscape, her story, and her music. So enter the marvel of her world as you’ll find yourself in it as well, listen and enjoy this must listen track by an artist ready to set the music scene on fire.

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